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24K Gold Collagen Peel off Pack

 ♕ 24K Gold Collagen Peel off Pack  



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● Feature  

. It absorbs wastes and sebum 

tightens the pores tightly 

. When removing the peel-off pack

it removes fine dead skin and find hairs to form a smooth 

glowing skin and can have better make-up.

. Gold therapy 

a complex course that was only available in luxury aesthetics 

is can be done at home

● How to use

. After cleanse remove water on face and get right amount of the product and

apply whole area on face except Mouth and eye area

20~30 minutes when the mask is totally dried remove gently from the outer area

Remove the pack and clean the skin with cotton wet by toner and start with basic care

● Volume : 100g


❦ Good luck ❧

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