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Black Snail Eye Cream

 ♕ Black Snail Eye Cream   



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● Feature  

. Black snail mucus filtrates are main ingredients to give skin care 


saffron will help on calming on skin and anti-aging 

. Marine collagen is contained to keep moisture on skin and give elasticity on skin

. Black snail has vital power to survive for 6 month with internal nourishment 

. The vital power of the black snail's mucus and filtrates will provide great nutrition and moisturize your skin

. Snail mucus contains mucin 

allantoin glycolic acid

How to use

. Please wash your face and get right amount of the product and spread gently on your skin

. Apply product on face where wrinkles are easily made

. Please make heat on your hand and wrap your face to increase the speed of absorption

Volume : 50ml


❦ Good luck ❧

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