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Dia Force Hydro-Gel eye Patch

 ♕ Dia Force Hydro-Gel eye Patch  


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● Feature  

. Gives skin and pores care and tension, keeps the skin tight, and full of vigor and vitality, creates healthy skin.

. Excellent moisturizing feature, full of nutrients concentrated to maintain healthy skin.

. Gently melts on the skin to stimulate moisture flow inside the texture, excellent adhesive force, brings the skin moisturizing and refreshing feeling.

. Activates the physiological cellular processes: metabolism, regeneration.

. Gives a strong impetus for the revitalization of the vital functions of the skin, stimulates microcirculation, reduces the permeability of the vessel walls.

. Increases vitality, stimulates regenerative functions of the body, increases resistance to various diseases, enhances cell regeneration.

● How to use

. After washing use skin calm the skin.

. Use the spatula to take out the patch.

. Attach the patch to fit the skin to the desired area.

. Remove the eye patch after 10~20mintues of rest.

● Volume : 90g 

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