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Premium Snail 3 Set

♕ Premium Snail 3 Set  



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● Feature   

. Lifting cream with stem cells and snail mucin has an intense anti-aging effect

. The cream combines the latest advances in rejuvenation

. Stem cells with snail mucin and active plant ingredients significantly reduce not only small

but also deep wrinkles

● How to use

. After cleansing 

gently apply the required amount of toner to the skin

and then lightly press down on it with your palms

so that it is deeply absorbed into the skin

. After toner 

apply the required amount of emulsion on the face with light massage movements

. For the last step of skin care 

apply the required amount of cream to the skin of the face and neck

as if you were massaging your face

and then push it down with both hands

to speed up absorption

● Volume 

. Snail Skin Toner 150ml

. Snail Skin Emulsion 150ml

. Snail Cream 50g

. Snail Skin Toner 30ml

. Snail Skin Emulsion 30ml


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