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Pure Cleansing Oil

 ♕ Pure Cleansing Oil  


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● Feature  

. This organic cleansing oil is a rich nutritional complex enriched with

essential amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins.

. Light, nutritious

The cleansing oil does not clog pores, effectively treats blackheads and pimples.

. Thanks to its texture, the oil penetrates deep into the pores, dissolves and

pushes impurities out, activates deep skin cells,

strengthening the protective layer, smoothing wrinkles and improving tone.

. This powerful, multi-purpose cleanser removes makeup and skin.

impurities, providing the required level of humidity.

● How to use

. Dispense the oil into your hand with a dropper and apply to dry skin.

light massage movements.

. Wet your hands with water and continue

massage until the mixture is milky and all makeup dissolves.

. Wash off with warm water, additionally cleanse your face with a foam for washing.

. This oil is recommended for daily use when cleansing your face from makeup.

● Volume : 200ml

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