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Salmon & Peptide Nutrition Cream

 ♕ Salmon & Peptide Nutrition Cream   



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● Feature  

. Using salmon oil and 8 kinds of lifting peptide ingredients it is excellent for dark circles under eyes whitening and wrinkles

. Salmon oil has fatty acid composition very similar to human skin tissue 

It is a human-friendly natural raw material with excellent for skin disease immunity control and skin restoring power

. Salmon oil ceramide acetyl hexapeptide-8 allantoin etc 

. Contains various natural extracts showing excellent efficacy in skin care

. Salmon Oil Nutrition Cream contains niacinamide to help skin whitening and adenosine to help


. Through consistent management 

it helps to whiten the body ..

● How to use

. Cleanse and neatly arrange

. Go through with the base skin care

. Apply to Face 


and any where else you want to improve on your body

● Volume : 50ml

❦ Good luck ❧

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