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Super Clearshot Lip & Eye Remover

 ♕ Super Clearshot Lip & Eye Remover  


Price   ⇚  ✄ ✄ ✄  $ 8.48 USD

Discounted Price   ☑  $ 3.99 USD 

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● Feature  

. Water/Oil is a double-decker design made at an optimal rate to clean the makeup

without any flickering or frustration.

. It is easy to remove makeup by gently melting it with excellent cleaning power.

. It contains rose water and peony root extract to keep skin moist and mild.

● How to use

. Shake well enough to blend the two separate layers.

. Put the appropriate amount on the cotton pad and gently press around the eyes and lips to wipe them out gently.

● Volume : 150ml

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