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Coordinated Eyeshadow Palette

 ♕   Coordinated Eyeshadow Palette 


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Description ●  

. A range of pink, nude, and blue eyeshadow palettes, each featuring nine beautifully coordinated, chic shades

Function ●  

. Each of these magnetic eyeshadow palettes features a selection of nine stunning, highly pigmented shades that range from light to deep with matte, satiny, metallic, silky and shimmery finishes

. The soft formulation is designed to offer super blendable texture with easy application, allowing you to sculpt, brighten or define your eyes and create endless looks, from soft and natural to sensual and smoky.

. Featuring exclusive restructuring , to help promote skin renewal for a firmer, smoother, brighter, and more resilient eye contour

. Enriched with vitamin E, and ginger root extract

Paraben free

. The mirrored compacts have a magnetic closure so they can be clicked together for easy portability

. Enriched with almond oil to help protect and soften the fragile eyelid area

How to use ●  

. Use lighter shades in the middle of the eyelids or illuminate the inner corners of your eyes.

. Use mid-tones to shape and contour.

. Add dimension and definition using the deep tones along the lash line.

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