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Cream Massage Oil

 ♕ Cream Massage Oil  


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. As a new concept in cream-type oil that instantly melts on skin, it provides nonviscous moisturizing effect without leaving a sticky feel.

. It is a baby massage oil that ensures gentle and smooth massaging effect. 

. It contains Atopalm MLE Cream, whose MLE forms a moisture-locking membrane. 

. Also, it richly moisturizes baby's skin, thereby alleviating dryness and sensitivity in skin. 

. Natural lavender oil's relaxing effect comforts baby's skin

. For best results, massage before baby goes to bed

How to use  

. Towel dry after taking a shower, dispense the right amount onto mother's hand (pump for more than two times), and gently apply. Massage onto baby's face and entire body

. The moist and gentle texture will make massaging pleasant

. The delicate natural lavender scent will comfort the baby when it is applied before he/she goes to bed

. As a richly moisturizing massage oil, additional moisturizers are not necessary

. If necessary, apply Atopalm MLE Lotion or Atopalm MLE Cream after massaging with the product to provide additional moisture

. [TIP] How to massage baby to comfort him/ her Massage in this order: feet, legs, abdomen, chest, hands, arms, face, back and buttocks

. You should start with the feet, which is the farthest from the heart

. Dispense enough product and gently, evenly, and lightly massage as if enveloping and caressing the bab

Volume : 200ml   

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