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Eau de parfum spray

 ♕ Eau de parfum spray   


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. A sparkling fragrance of soft, alluring and timeless beauty

. This Intimate, sensual and tender new fragrance evokes an addictive feeling with a multilayered composition.

. Opening with a sparkling freshness, the creates an exhilarating rush for the senses

. The flower and fruit notes evolve into a captivating smooth wood scent at the base, creating a sweet, powdery heart with an inviting twist

. Bursts of rich amber, patchouli, vetiver and vanilla add undeniable warmth and sensuality that linger on the skin.

. The fragrance opens with Italian bergamot essence, tangerine, sensual baie rose and grapefruit.

. At the core, notes of dewy jasmine flower are combined with elegant, ethereal and graceful French Lace rose.

. Bursts of rich amber, patchouli, vetiver and vanilla are woven together for a sensual warmth.


. This fragrance embodies the scent of a woman who radiates elegance, grace and timeless beauty, captivating those around her, evoking exquisite desire.

Volume : 50ml  

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