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My Lash Serum

 ♕ My Lash Serum  



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. Restoring serum provides lashes with the necessary protection and nutrition, stimulates their growth, strengthens along the entire length and prevents hair loss

. It has a light formula: it does not stick together or weigh down the eyelashes, so it can be used as a base for mascara

. Panthenol included in the composition allows the use of the product for owners of sensitive skin, prevents the appearance of allergies and irritation, and neutralizes the harmful effects of UV rays

. The complex of vitamins accelerates the growth of cilia, makes them darker, stronger, thicker and healthier

. Dogwood extract has an antioxidant effect, stimulates the growth of eyelashes.

How to use  

. Apply in a zigzag motion from root to tip of lashes

Volume : 9g  


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