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Noni Bio Cellulose Mask

 ♕ Noni Bio Cellulose Mask  


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. Noni extract gives skin moisture and elasticity.

. Hyaluronic acid with two different molecular size gives you a more powerful moisturizing effect inside and outside the skin.

. Peptides, collagen and soybean fermentation extracts nourish the skin and help with elasticity care.

How to use  

. Get out the sheet and remove the non-woven fabric.

. Pull out the opposite white paper halfway first

and attach the center of the natural bio-cellulose mask to the face while pulling out other half white paper.

. Organize the bio-cellulose sheet so that it is evenly attached to the face.

. 20 ~ 30 minutes (depending on skin condition, it can be used for up to 1 hour) later, get rid of the bio-cellulose mask.

The essence remaining on the skin is absorbed by tapping lightly.

Volume : 25g  

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